Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easy or hard?

When this whole compact challenge was introduced in class, i thought it was going to be easy. but i must say not shopping for stuff is going to be hard for me. even though i am a broke college student i just cant help but spend money. i would rather buy something new than something old, that may seem excessive but that's the way that i was raised. my mom didn't like second hand things especially if you can by a new item cheaper online or a few dollars more than a used item. Like in Mai Yamani's article, she stated that "dress suggests where a woman lives, what her status is, and if she is under any kind of circumstance" and so being a second hand shoppper isnt me. even though i haven't shopped or gone to a mall for a long time I'm still shopping. now i do it online, so its even lazier than before. however i do buy items cheaper than at the store. like I'm looking at eBay and amazon a lot more than i used to. i created my eBay account last year so college just made me more economically efficient, in a sense. i remember freshmen year where i bought all my books at the bookstore, and it robbed me. then i found out about uloop.com, and man is that a money saver, and its a great way to sell books, which i highly recommend.

overall this challenge is going to be hard on me. i don't rally like buying second hand things even if it is cheaper. i would rather wait for the item to go on sale or find it cheaper online new than by it used. i don't really know why but that's just how i am. for some reason its just not possible for me to not buy anything when shopping, but i guess i just have to restrain myself for this challenge.

-Jennifer Ma
Mai Yamani article "changing habits of a lifetime"

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