Thursday, April 30, 2009

My first instinct upon hearing about the compact challenge was to clean out my closet and pick out the clothes that I don’t wear anymore. I picked out several items of clothing and I started designing my first top. After several failed attempts at stitching and draping, I decided to rip the whole project apart and use the material to make a bag and a belt instead. The top wasn’t something I’d honestly wear in public—the fit was not flattering--and the look that I came up with was extremely out of date.

I took a lot of time to reflect back upon the project and I questioned whether or not what I was creating could be considered fashion. Fashion has always been associated with the idea of progression. The point is that fashion is supposed to be forward moving: fashion is about novelty. Well, if I created something out of old, torn, and outdated clothing, can it still be considered fashion?
I also reflected upon what I saw in the mirror when I tried on the top. To put it mildly, the top just did not flatter my figure. The colors did not come together at all. This made me question the notion of beauty and aesthetics. Does it have to flatter a person’s figure in order to be considered aesthetically pleasing? Do the colors have to pull together to compliment each other? Can a garment be a rainbow of colors and patterns, can a garment be asymmetrical—not form flattering—and still be considered beautiful?
I also tried to critique whether or not the top that I had designed could be considered creative. I got the impression from reading the fashionology book that in order for a garment to be considered creative, there must be a credible outside source which labels it as creative or not creative. But what if I was the only one who judged the garment? Can I still label my work as creative if there were no credible outside sources to validate it as such?

<3 Shirley Chan

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