Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blog #10: Everything comes to an end....

It's hard to believe my final quarter here in Davis is coming so soon. with everything said and done the term "fashion-ology" has brought a new mindset that I haven't seen before. Fashion has to be taken into another level in order to be understood and I think with many designers especially here in the U.S. and as well as other countries, I think that possibility is higher than anticipated. When One of the key factors that need to be responded is "How can a designer can become innovated when designing clothing?" The answer here is that I think that it just an individuals imagination has to be made in order to strengthen their mindset communicating their thoughts out there. Expression is everything in the end even the most bizaare and radical designs may be greatest things in the perspective of others, but as long as they have a sense of meaning in terms of asthetics. While people in a more casual perspective may look at this as a mindset that it may stupid or moronic, there always a motive to why they are wearing it in the first place. For example, eco-fashion has produced innovative ideas that I've never seen before, but at the same time it builds amazement and brilliance to my eyes such as the Skittles dress picture above.

Kawamura mentions about fashion being a privelege of the upper class and not for the lower classs (105). It shouldn't be the case anymore as fashion should be open to everyone no matter what. However, there are a lot of challenges with famous product lines such as Roca Wear, Sean John, Tommy Hilfiger that have been depicting itself in dividing classes and making feel like a status quo to wear these clothes. I do believe with enough passion and without attempt to counterfeit clothing that such fashion can be acknowledged with enough amazement that it will eventually overtake these corporate designs. This is why consumerism needs to fought back in the first place.

As for my Compact Challenge, while this class is coming into closure with project presentations it has been a major success overall for me as I avoided any consumption and took advantage of the resources around me. My challenge doesn't end there, but instead I should apply to this in my everyday living and in this matter I learned to be a more thoughtful consumer in general and getting the needs that I need to have (for example, ties, jacket, or dress shoes). I don't got much say left here, but to say goodbye. As for everyone else in this class: take care, and have a wonderful Spring Break and as well as a good Spring Quarter.

Andrew Legaspi
Blog #10
March 7, 2010

Kawamura, Yuniya. 2005. Fashion-ology: An introduction to Fashion Studies. new York: Berg Publishers. "Conclusion." Fashion-ology

Skittles Dress

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