Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Rise of Asian Designers...

In the designer world, it seems to be predominantly a white's place with Paris being the capital of the fashion world. But changes have occurred to this norm, a revolution had taken place in the 1980s as "avant-garde designers emerged" (Kawamura 105). With the new ideas from Japanese designers, it opened the door to accepting "Asian outsider designers [and] was interpreted as the breakdown of the racial boundaries..." (Kawamura 105). More and more Asian and Asian-American designers are emerging in the fashion world. Such as one Asian-American designer, "Jason Wu, a 26-year-old of Taiwanese descent, skyrocketed to fame after the First Lady wore his dress to Inaugural Night balls" (Smith).

(The designer above is Jason Wu and that is the dress that Jason Wu designed wore by Michelle Obama)
In my opinion, Asians will soon be on equal footing as white designers since new Asian designers are constantly welcomed in the designer realms. I hope that in the near future the face of fashion designers will change from whites to Asians.

As for the Compact Challenge, I survived and will probably continue this challenge. If I don't, I will at least think twice before buying anything. I will make sure that I ultimately need it and that there are no alternatives for the item such as I can't find it on craigslist, or marketplace to get a used version of the item. This has been an interesting quarter.

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