Saturday, March 6, 2010

Toilet Paper Fashion

In the readings, it talks about how fashion used to be in the hands of the French system, but now fashion is occurring everywhere. Any item of clothing has the possibility of becoming fashion. Anything and everything can be fashion. Anyone and any individual can create fashion by creating their own definitions of what fashion is. This reminds me of an article called “Wacky, Weird, and Wild Fashion.” In the article, it shows how even the weirdest of items such as toilet paper can be used to create fashion. The purpose of the article was about; eight leading Canadian designers designed their very own toilet paper dresses to raise breast cancer awareness. The one of a kind show is entirely crafted from 100 per cent soft and luxurious sheets of bathroom tissue. This collection included a limited-edition Pink Cashmere, Canada's first colored bathroom tissue in a decade. Hosted in New York, it was one of the strangest fashion shows city has ever seen.

In my opinion, I thought that the fashion idea was a great way to raise breast cancer awareness because fashion always draws in a lot of crowd and media attention. I also thought it was interesting how toilet paper could be used in such a way that it became fashion because I always associated toilet papers to bathrooms.

For the compact challenge, I’ve been busy lately so I haven’t had much time to go shopping. However, when I do go, I noticed that I tend spend more money. Which is why I came to the conclusion that when I stress out I over spend. Now that I know this, I will try to divert my stress to something else like exercising instead of spending money on food and clothes.

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