Sunday, February 28, 2010

Journal 9: Another Sector of Artists by Tien Dang

I never realized how tattooing is just another art form. Growing up, I remember my mom would always make comments about how hideous people with many body art looked. This goes along the same line as piercing. I mean, I must admit, some tattoos are pretty tacky. I personally could never imagine myself getting a random tattoo on a whim. If I were to get a tattoo it would have to have a lot of meaning into it. It seems like that is the case when it comes to Paul Mullowney's article, "Wood Skin Ink: The Japanese Aesthetic in Modern Tattooing." Many people try to incorporate their ancestral history or some sort of personal linkage to what they want to portray or represent on their body.

I know a couple of friends (all brothers) who tattooed on their bodies a bonsai tree to represent their father who passed away about 5 years ago. I think tattoos that have so much meaning behind it exudes much more beauty than that of something done on a whim. Mason pretty much touched based on this in class how so many people come in with ridiculous tattoos and I would find that hard to understand. I guess I'm very conscious about how I portray myself with the way I was raised in a conservative family, so it's especially harder for me to understand random tattoos like so. I remember chatting with a bunch of friends. We discussed what the worse tattoos could possibly be and I thought it would be a bar code or your own name.

But, as weird as it may be, i think this is an awesome tattoo! Spiderman FTW! (For the win for those of you who are a bit behind on internet acronyms).


Sickness disallows me to go out and about and consume, so I have been doing well in that factor


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