Sunday, February 14, 2010

Collection of Language Arts


According to Sneaker Freaker, "the definition of 'collect' in the dictionary means to 'gather' or 'accumulate'." In fact, I am also one of these people who tend to collect and keep a bunch of 'junks'. By junks I mean things you no longer need and unnecessary things that needs to be thrown out. For instance, a few years ago I had a huge stack of papers and posters from my school work ranging from elementary, middle, and all the way up to high school academic career. I guess the reasons as to why I tend to hold on to these papers and collection of the past items is because I want to hold on to the feelings and pieces of memories of my past. However, in the article, the author addresses the love for sneakers and his/her's hobby to collect sneakers. The author mentioned that there's a sub-culture to this hobby/love of sneakers, and in my knowledge there's a sub-culture to almost anything and everything. But in this case, "every single brand, customized, personalized, limited and whatsoever other word you could use to signify the value of what is simply just a shoe used for sporting activity, was present."

Like a culture and a language of its own, sneakers are an artistic and creative form of expression that youth culture prefer to identify with. Sneakers has a language of its own, where it is commonly referred to as "sneakers, kicks, trainers, or sneaks." These are what the youth culture identify as "things of endless variation and wondrous beauty" because there are numerous variations and designs that exists out there and are limited to certain group of people with access. Of course, every individual has their own personal perspectives and interests about sneakers and a collection of other things, such as purses, books, hello kitty toys, wine, jewelry, accessories, t-shirts, paintings, and much more. Moreover, these hobbies are central to the reasons why consumers feel the need to buy things, including things that they don't need.

I'm sure many of you are well aware that this weekend is the Lunar New Year! So, I would like to wish each and everyone of you a Happy New year!!! As far as the compact challenge takes me, I still have not shop for any new clothes or any obsolete items. I honestly does not feel the need to go shopping, as I have more important matters to care for. However, I will admit to shopping for make-up items for my mom and sister. This is a small gift to my mom and sister as I come home to celebrate Vietnamese New Year with my family. So, I did technically shopped online for these items, but I have not lost to the compact challenge because I have resisted from spending the money on myself. Moreover, my experience with the compact challenge by far is neutral because I do have control over my needs to be shopping for items I do and do not need.

Until next time, enjoy the rest of your three-days weekend everyone! Have a good week..and wish me Luck on my Midterm on Tuesday (oh joy)!!!

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