Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gya! Kawaii desu!

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According to Sharon Kinsella in "Cuties in Japan," "the crucial ingredients of a fancy good are that it is small, pastel, round, soft, lovable, not traditional Japanese style but a foreign - in particular European or American..." (Kinsella 226) which I believe led to the development of the Hime Gyaru fashion style in Japan. It's the fashion style where girls dress in western princess-like clothes and have really cute accessories.

The accessories that are popular in Hime Gyaru styles are similar to the ones in the picture above. Girls in Harajuku who follow such trends are usually women in their twenties and thirties. Similar to the statement by Kinsella, " cute-looking plastic and veneer look younger," (Kinsella 229) dressing up in the Hime Gyaru style makes any women appear younger because of the princess style of the clothes. It promotes the cute culture in Japan, thus, these women will appear younger and innocent. The hime gyaru is "a growing new tribe of Japanese women who aim to look like sugarcoated, 21st-century versions of old-style European royalty," (Kane and Thomas 2008) I believe it was popular style because of how the Japanese were very into the western style after World War 2. This fashion style heavily enforces the cute culture started by the kawaii handwriting.

As for the compact challenge, when I look at clothes, I question myself whether the price of the article of clothing is worth it or if I really need the shirt or dress. At least I'm not splurging on things I don't need.

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