Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cute Fashion, Ganguro style

According to the readings, cute fashion is a way of expression. It goes against regular Japanese social values because cute fashion idolises childhood; by doing so, the people who stage this look “refuse to grow up” resulting in a social rebellion.

Similarly, I have some Japanese friends who stage this cute fashion look as well. My friends Rae and Mao are into harajuku fashion, which is often seen as a cute fashion youth Japanese subculture or a rebellion against the parent culture as well. A type of Harajuku style that my friends mimic is the Ganguro style or also known as black face girl. The Ganguro style is display through getting a “deep tan combined with dyed hair that can be bleached gray, silver or various shades of orange. They also wear white lipstick and eye shadow with false eye lashes and facial gems” (Miller, 38). This style is significant because “it is a rejection of Japanese white, translucent skin ideal of femininity” (Miller, 37). As a result, the Ganguro style as well as the various types of Harajuku styles use fashion as a form of identity, an expression of creativity, a form of entertainment or performance, but at the same time it can act as a mode of non conformity.

My friends like this look because they feel a sense of belonging. They are also able to be consumers in this kind of fashion because with Japan’s growing economy, both have the money to buy and stage the look. However, they’ve told me that Japanese girls only stage this look until they graduate from college, then they go back to being normal because they have to look for jobs and become part of society again.

As for the compact challenge, I’ve been doing great because since I am low on money. I haven’t been spending any money other than on food. For this week, I only spent money on food for groceries and food in San Francisco for lunch but I guess when you’re a poor college student you can’t really afford consume much.

Anancy Thao
Blog #7
Sharon Kinsella. “Cuties in Japan.” Class Reader.

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