Sunday, February 21, 2010

Japanese Teenagers: A Fashion Staple Week 8 Blog

In Japanese fashion culture, teenage girls essentially set precedent for clothing trends presently. Japanese teenage culture revolves around fashion as certain styles dictate your personality. Whether it is a mixture of celebrity fashion and street culture, to an imitation of Latino American girls, any identity is indicated by attire. Japanese teenage girls are the basis of this trend. They set different styles that instantly become a staple in street fashion. Because of this, jobs in department stores are highly sought after. Workers have been known to become icons as teenage girls look to them for the latest styles and trends.

I found it interesting how streetwear has become a sophisticated aspect of society. Through these various department stores, workers are being hired as designers and consultants on what is deemed fashionable. These workers have no experience in the garment and textile industry, yet their opinion is highly valued. In some instances, these workers become models and the face of certain street brands. The Shibuya shopping center is a perfect illustration of this. This increased importance placed on fashion has shown a cultural shift. Instead of trying to be like everyone else and conforming, teenagers now seek to exaggerate their appearance as much as possible. This shift also indicates the gradual turn to a consumer society in Japan following economic boom and depletion.
The compact challenge is almost over. Actually, Chinese New Years has helped enormously. There is superstition that one should not purchase shoes after a given amount of time past New Years. This is due to the fact that shoes literally translate to rough in Cantonese. It is believed that if you do buy shoes, your year will be turbulent and in a sense rough. Seeing as how I spend most of money on shoes, this has helped a lot.

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