Sunday, February 14, 2010

Journal 7: Crazy Trends by Tien Dang


I feel like some trends are definitely not realistic to the every day life. They provide inconvenience and unnecessary yearning for immaterial things. I guess that ties in with not only the "Sneaker Freakers" article, but the compact challenge as well. In the article, it discusses Han's view on not really thinking about saving up money to buy out the stock of an entire story before, but the truth of the matter is, people do that. They get crazy. Fetishes sort of just accumulate, and beholds the consumer. I admit that sometimes it can be hard, especially since it seems like today's society or our culture is so used to "excess" rather than lacking and suffering. We suffer differently from third world countries and thus practice in consumerism.

I remember in high school a boy bought a pair for $500. I remembering thinking "Ouch!" I mean, doesn't it hurt to hear that much amount of money invested on something so insignificant? I guess to me it's insignificant because I really don't take care of the clothes I wear. So I sort of care less on the brands of the items I buy because I figure it's going to get ruined anyways. But this boy wore these sneakers to a badminton game and was trying to carefully run across the court just to not form crease in the shoes. I thought it was ridiculous. Like the article said, why buy shoes if you're not going to wear them? (Han). As a result, I don't understand in a lot of fetishes- especially pricey ones.

It's sort of similar to the whole Valentine's Day consumer ordeal. After going to the Museum on San Francisco, a few of us decided to roam the streets of the big city. As a result, we saw people packed in chocolate stores, gift boutiques etc. They were going in a Valentine's Day craze and I just didn't understand it. I mean, the holiday itself is completely recreated from it's real meaning. If I recall correctly, it is based on the story on a death rather than love between couples. (

I went to the mall with my brother yesterday. I was tempted to buy these camisoles that I've been looking for because they don't sell it for cheap at many places. But, thankfully, I stopped myself from doing it. Yay me.

-SLap Bet

Han D.C. Sneaker Freaker Ed. Simon Wood. New York: Penguin Group, 2005

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