Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sneakers, Sneakers, Sneakers Blog # 7

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes.... I love them! With the compact challenge preventing me from buying new shoes, I have kept a very good control over my urge to buy some new vans, converse, or whatever brand shoe that my eye catches. So upon reading this week's article "Sneaker Freakers" I've come to realize that people have the urge a lot worse than I do. I don't have that large closet full of shoes or anything like that (however, my housemates and I do keep a double door closet to house all our shoes...mind you they are mostly mine and my roommates) but I do have a small collection of vans and converses. Just like what Hans D.C. is talking about in his article, I don't understand why some people have so many pairs of shoes...which are crazy expensive, and not wear them. I would put into consideration that you are a collector of some sorts, but still... If I shelled out big bucks for a pair of shoes I would take them out of the box and wear them for the world to see! Hans D.C. talks about how he uses shoes as a marker of class, and I have to agree with him. There are just some shoes that scream "I'm expensive!" and there are some that say "affordable, but comfy and I last long". The way that a person also takes care of his/her shoes or any object shows how they like to live their life. Hans also states in his article that the shoes that people are accumulating are actually some sort of "currency and game that is played to see who can hustle the other into thinking which is worth more." I have a friend that buys limited edition shoes whenever they come out; he buys 2 pairs all the time. When I asked him why, he said one was to wear and one was to sell. So in a way, these collectors are making bank by selling their shoes, and at the same time shelling some big bucks too. Hans also talks about how there is also a whole other culture out there concerning the buying and collecting of shoes. I have to agree with him that the hip-hop culture does have an influence in the collection of shoes. If anybody has watched MTV cribs, we've seen a lot of hip-hop artists show their closets of clothes, and of course a closet just for their shoes. I think shoes are a great and necessary accessory, if we didn't have them our feet would surely be bleeding right now from walking barefoot. I'm the type of person that doesn't wear a lot of color so I tend to buy shoes that are still safe within my color spectrum but have some flare to them. If I looked at our shoe closet right now (my collection at least) it would have 6 pairs of converse of different colors, at least 8 vans of all different prints and colors, 3 pairs of boots, lots of flats, 1 pair of heels (heels are a punishment to wear, I don't know how girls do it) , and my sport shoes (include basketball, running, and tennis). So, yes I guess I do have quite a collection, but in no way are they anything close to what Hans D.C. is talking about. I wear my shoes all the time, I switch back and forth, or stay with the same shoe for a week or more; but we all have that favorite pair (in my case, I have 3 :) )

In relation to shoe collecting, in a blog that I found, the blogger talks about the most famous shoe hoarder of all time; Imelda Marcos. This former first lady of the Philippines collected over 1000 pairs of shoes during her husband's reign as the Philippine dictator.

The blogger writes about her obsession in buying shoes, and how her collection over the years have accumulated. She writes " I like to survey my collection of boxes-each labelled with a photograph- and sometimes get them down and pull out an old favourite shoe contained therein, and run my fingers over the embossed leather." Now that's shoe fetish ladies and gents.... Oh, the blogger even mentioned how she and the first lady of USA have the same fetish for shoes. First Lady Michelle Obama went to a charity function last year and wore $540 Lavin brand sneakers to the function. I have to agree with the blogger in this one...was it really necessary to wear such expensive shoes to a charity function when the economy is at it's worse? Really now....where are you getting the money to pay for such expensive shoes?! The smart way to go would have been to wear converse, keds or even flips flops or something, but name brand shoes to a charity event? Come on now first lady...I know you're smarter than that. Quoting the blogger in this one... " Let them eat cake, right Michelle?"

<-------- $540 shoes!!! sooooo not worth it!

Compact challenge? I'm still going strong! I have yet to buy any shoes or clothes this quarter. But wait....does it count if someone buys it for you as a surprise? I come home to find new shoes.... my mother knows my weakness and it kills me to tell her that they don't fit right.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! May you all have a prosperous new year!



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