Saturday, August 7, 2010

Air Jordans Shoe Craze

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After watching the documentary, Hip Hop Immortals directed by Kris Palestrini, and the section about sneakers came up, I immediately thought about my close friend Anthony. I find it fascinating how boys can go crazy over shoes as much as girls but I guess it's a little different for guys since it's kind of more about status. Anthony owns three pairs of Jordans ($140 each) [two of them are Retro Vs], one pair of Dunks ($80), one pair of custom Air Force Ones, and the rest of his shoe collection are Filas and Reeboks. The most interesting out of his collection are the Air Force Ones since it has a custom Hello Kitty paint job. He said he purchased them from (now unavailable) and paid almost $200 for them. I asked why he'd buy such hilarious shoes and he said he wanted to have unique shoes compared to everyone else. He actually doesn't wear the Hello Kitty Air Force Ones anymore but before, despite how manly he is, he took pride in owning such unique shoes. Apparently he bought a lot of shoes when he worked a lot in high school and saved up to buy the shoes he wanted. I guess, it's a way for him to show off his hard work.

Anthony's Hello Kitty Air Force Ones from
[photo taken by Anthony]

According to the film, sneakers were part of the fashion in presenting yourself and "walking the talk." It was also a MUST to keep the shoes clean and that reminded me of when Anthony cleaned his shoes just the other day. The film stated, "By the way you look, you make people believe that you're something else." The way you present yourself to other people is key to move up in society. In the film's case, the people in hip hop culture want to make it big and in Anthony's case, he wanted to be popular and recognized.

On a HubPages site about sneakers, the article mentions how the craze possibly started and grew due to Michael Jordan and other media. According to the site, Anthony is not a "sneakerhead" but it's still interesting how much he really likes sneakers- he's a great example of a small portion of the sneaker craze. It's also still amazing how the sneaker craze is still going on today after all these years.

[Consumer Challenge update]
I almost bought a shirt when I was in San Francisco (China Town). It was so cheap but I didn't like how the logo was printed on the shirt so I didn't buy it... Close one...

- Hope (Hyeon) Nam

[inside source: Hip Hop Immortals directed by Kris Palestrini]

[outside source: ]


be green 101 said...

very funny story about the hello kitty sneakers. :D 5/5

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