Sunday, August 15, 2010

Think before you buy

So far, I had no great difficulties on the compact challenge. However, there are times when I vision myself going shopping. I am not in need of anything right now, but as the challenge continues I make a list of certain products that I consider purchasing after the compact challenge.

As I was reading the article "In a global economy, its hard to know who made your gift--and under what conditions," the authors said "it is impossible for consumers to avoid products made under less than ideal conditions." That statement is what the authors go back to and prove in their article. I find what the authors said to be very much the truth. It's also sad to know that many people do not take action against this. Although some consumers know that the owners use sweatshops, they would still purchase a product from the places. Nike is a company that has people working in sweatshops and many people know it. However, Nike still continues to be a popular brand that is bought my consumers. I believe that certain labels have just become a demand in society and that some people tend to ignore the fact of how the process of how the product came into the store. On the other hand, the authors also mentioned that there still continues to be "a growing number of manufacturers and retailers are coming under fire for how the goods they make and sell are produced." Once more and more manufacturers and retailers are revealed by the media about how immoral their practices are there would be more changes in the industry.

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Holstein, William J., Brian Palmer, Shahid Ur-Rehrman, and Timothy M. Ito. "In a Global Econom, It's Hard to Know Who Made Your Gift--and under What Conditions." 16 Dec. 1996. Print.

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