Sunday, August 8, 2010

Asians Cannot Smize

Andy Le
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Yu, Kim, Lee and Hong. “An Analysis of Modern Fashion Designs as Influenced by Asian Ethnic Dress.” Reader. “Abercrombie and Fitch Settles $40 Million Discrimination Suit.” Reader.
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The compact challenge for me is not very difficult at all. I really do not see myself buying clothes for a very long time. I already have everything, and I feel that there is really no need to go out and purchase new clothes for no purpose. In addition, summer is almost over and I will soon have to wear warm clothes for the cold and rainy weather. The compact challenge does not scare me!!!
This week’s readings emphasize the evolution and innovative designs of fashion. Dresses are symbols of identity and communication because they visually articulate cultures, ideas, and artifacts that are current at any given time. Through the study of dresses, one is able to notice the typical characteristics of ethnic dresses that have affected Western ideas of fashion such as shape, garment type, silhouette, color, pattern, and trimming. This article was really special to me because it provides a chart that clearly distinct which dress came from which region and influence. The results conclud that Japan and China were the two strongest contenders of modern fashion influence. This finding does not surprise me because Japan and Chinese have very dramatic makeup and hair designs, which are portrayed through history books and pictures. In addition, I have been to these two places and everyone is extremely fashion forward. This article immediately reminds me of the show, “America’s Next Top Model,” because a lot of the high fashion photo shoots takes place in Asian countries. Although fashion is highly represented and influenced by Asian countries, Tyra Banks’ show rarely has Asian contestants that make it on the show. Only selected individuals like Sheena (Half Korean and Japanese), Anchal (Indian), Gina (Chinese), and Jennifer (Korean) have made it on to the show, but no one has made it to the end to claim victory. This is seemingly disappointing and reminds me of the Abercrombie lawsuit (I actually worked for both Hollister and Abercrombie). Although Asian models in American are underrepresented, they still exist elsewhere, but are rarely capable of becoming international models walking on famous runway shows such as Victoria Secret.

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Sounds like you'll breeze through the compact challenge. Remember to write briefly what part of the argument from the article you're trying to relate to. Watch for grammar issues. 4/5