Friday, August 6, 2010

First Week of Compact Challenge

This is my first blog regarding the compact challenge and discussing this class.

While I was reading this weeks reading, I found it quite interesting how much I was learning about fashion. I did not think of fashion in that manner before. While I was reading the "Introduction in (Re)orienting Fashion," I recognized that there were many examples of clothings that I had or may have seen before that are popular examples of a country's fashion in the past decades. Also, from our first class, I realized that I do not know much about fashion. I knew haute couture was considered high fashion, but I did not know that it was individually handmade to fit a individual.

I started the compact challenge this week. So far, the challenge is not difficult for me. I already did my money's worth of shopping last month and I dont think I will need to buy anything new soon. Im pretty sure that I will be able to honor this challenge. Also, I think it will help me save money. Since I will have to hold the urge at times to buy certain items that I think I will need. Yay, for having a reason to not buy something!

-Alice Phun


Inside Source: Niessen, S. A., Ann Marie. Leshkowich, and Carla Jones. Re-orienting Fashion: the Globalization of Asian Dress. Oxford: Berg, 2003. Print.



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