Sunday, August 15, 2010

College Students and Walmart

Although it has only been the third week of summer school, I am proud to announce that I have not purchased a new piece of clothing or accessory for my wardrobe. Instead, I have started packing my clothes, and discovered clothes that I have not had an opportunity to wear. I came to this conclusion because I still had the original tags attached to them.

As I was reading the article, “Santa’s Sweatshop: In a Global Economy, it’s Hard to Know Who Made Your Gift—and Under What Conditions,” I notice that I am a bargain shopper. I shop for what I want and need with the main goal of obtaining the things I want for the cheapest prices. I am also very concerned and worried about the working conditions under which products are made like the U.S. News poll reveals. The long hours and labor intensive jobs with wages less than minimum pay is absolutely unjust. When workers need money, and consumers want lower prices, it becomes very difficult to provide both groups with what they want without hurting the other. In this economy, people are learning how to stretch their dollar. I honestly do not know how to persuade others to discontinue their shopping at Wal-Mart because I find myself shopping at Wal-Mart at times too for the great deals that the store provides. While this article may educate consumers about ways to help Third World countries and their workers, I do not think consumers will stop purchasing from places like Wal-Mart because it cheap and affordable. It allows the lower class to afford a decent living, while the upper class can save money and become richer. How will it ever stop? There is a misconception that students will put a stop to the Wal-Mart Corporation, but I beg to differ. With the rise in college tuition and living expenses, the trip to Wal-Mart will be prolonged and strengthened with Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club providing tuition discounts and college credit for their college employees. This incentive will attract more college students to work at their local stores and promote the benefits of being a Wal-Mart employee.

Andy Le

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Holstein, Palmer, Ur-Rehman and Ito. “Santa’s Sweatshop: In a Global Economy, it’s Hard to Know Who Made Your Gift—and Under What Conditions.” Reader.

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kieulinh said...

buy second hand, garage sales or craigslist, 10x cheaper than walmart. 5/5