Sunday, June 7, 2009

Are We Gonna Move?

So I was reading a review for this cartoon that premiered recently called The Goode Family about a family obsessed with being green. A commenter posted that this show was the creator, Mike Judge (also created Beavis and Butthead, Idiocracy, and King of the Hill) acknowledging that the green movement was not just a 90's trend. This may make me sound very young, but I had no idea the green movement started in the 90's. I always assumed it was a millenial thing. Then I remembered so many of my childhood cartoons had enviroment protection undertones. Does anyone remember The Dinosaurs? There was a facebook group that my friend joined which made me noslogic enough to google it. The series finale was quite sad, and while I remember watching it, at that age I did not fully understand its implications. My head continued to explode with memories of kid show examples: Rocky's Modern World's recycling song, Lisa Simpson fighting Mr. Burns and his soda plastic netting schemes, and remember when Bayside School struck oil? If they were shown in the 90's then some adults must've been writing them right? I hope that this green trend sticks, because as Fashionology states, fashion is a cultureal symbol, and I want this style to last. I wish I could youtube all those clips for you, but memory lane is a long road to walk down, so I'll just stick with The Dinosaurs. I can't save the video on the computer, so please follow this link Enjoy!

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