Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mommy the Sane

Even though I planned to write this blog during mother's day, I'd still like to announce to the world that Maky Lam, greatest mom ever, is a much better buyer than me. In fact, I'd say in some ways, she's the best in the family. Our family are big bargain hunters: we use coupons, rebates, "cheat-codes," etc. But my biggest weakness is that I cannot resist a good deal. For instance, I once bought a pair of ballet slippers from Aeropostle for $1.09, even though it was a whole size larger. I told myself that "it's only a dollar!" and convinced myself I could just stuff the shoe. Those shoes still sit in my closet.

Another thing my mother is also much better at not hoarding all her old stuff. I'm a pack-rat. My closet explodes a little bit when you open the door, and I have less and less space in my room every year. This summer, my goal is to get rid of the things I don't use/wear because well I don't use it, and someone else can. I plan to donate whatever I can to the nearby thrift store, or Salvation Army, whatever they'll take from me anyway. According to , this 1 billion dollar industry, even if your clothes is torn up and tattered from, oh I don't know, an eventful rugby match, the thrift stores still find uses for it! They shred them and make them into rags. Think about the Multiplier Effect!

Oh, and that creepy guy smiling at you in the picture above, my dad. How do you think I was born?

Janice Lam
Blog #4

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