Friday, June 5, 2009

The End of the Class, But Not Eco-Friendliness

As the quarter comes to a close, along with the academic year, the compact challenge ends. I suppose there is no academic obligation to this challenge anymore, although Professor Valverde did say at the beginning of the quarter we did not have to do the challenge – merely think about the impact of eco-friendly living on our lives and our expenditures. I tried my best to fulfill the criteria of this challenge, and change my fashion spending habits. I did not succeed 100%, but I think that overall I did pretty well and changed my spending habits a great deal. Philippe Perrot’s articles addressing the history of dress noted that particular societies dressed a certain way “because of certain values and constraints, such as custom, taste, and propriety” (Perrot, I really feel like this challenge has impacted me, and I will forever be more aware of eco-friendly and eco-friendlier consumer choices. I am glad that I could take something like this away from a class and apply it to the rest of my life.

Summer is coming up fast, and when the leases for everyone’s apartments expire, people will be moving into new places. I will be moving into a new townhouse with several of my friends, and for the first time in college I will be having my own room. I find that I haven’t been particularly decorative with my current room or my past rooms; I just put up some posters here and there and some picture frames. But for some reason, since next year will be my last year, and I will have a room to call my own, I want to really make it my own: add some pizzazz and really make it pretty and livable. Since this quarter has inspired me in an eco-friendly way, I thought, “Why not look at some eco-friendly decorating tips?” There are many websites and articles dedicated to this type of decorating. On the HGTV and the greenyourdecor sites, there are a lot of suggestions for ways to have eco-friendly decorations. On the greenyourdecor site in particular, there is also a list of the best online stores to buy green decorating items. I really like seeing all these ideas in one spot. While I might not be able to buy all of these exact things, as they can run on the pricier side, I am hoping that, with time, I can find some more college budget-friendly ideas.

Christine Vo
Blog 6

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