Sunday, June 7, 2009

What does Hennessy have to do with Fashion? : LVMH as an Institution

Alot, actually. Hennessy and Louis Vuitton? the relationship between the popular wine and spirits brand and luxury leather goods isn't very apparent. But in 1987 they merged to create the world's largest luxury goods conglomerate. LVMH runs about 60 sub-companies managing several presitgious brands such as Kenzo, Givenchy, Dior, Moet et Chandon (champagne), and the now out of business Eluxury.

LVMH controls a number of brands and business ranging from everything from clothing,cosmetics, wines and spirits, accessories, jewelry, and watches. LVMH aims to create a luxury goods empire, with several of their differing brands and products all expressing the same image: wealth and exclusivity, to their consumers. LVMH is part of a "fashion system of institutions" and represents the "collective conscience", which in this case is luxury products. (Kawamura, 2005)

Like Kawamura describes, LVMH is an institution which shapes individuals and society as a whole. Not only does the Company embody an overall image but produces, distributes, and effects the consumption of each of their brands and products.

The merger of both companies has allowed them to have a stronghold on the luxury goods industry, which allows them to market their brands in an effective way. Not just individually, but as one common staple image.

Below is Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy's Corporate film, which expresses the overall image they try to convey to their customers.

LVMH is the epitome of fashion as an institution in our modern world.

- Elaine de Lara
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Fashionology by Yuniya Kawamura

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