Saturday, June 6, 2009

Simple Ways to Reduce Consumerism

So here we are at the end of the spring quarter. It was a good 9-10 weeks, and I learned a lot in terms of clothing and fashion. I never knew how much my love for shopping could have a huge impact in my life and the others around me. It's been 6 weeks and I have yet to buy one single unnecessary thing. Although, that's way past the 28 days this compact challenge has stated, it's something I want to continue on. Although, I probably will start going to the mall again, I most likely won't buy as much as I use to in the past. Not to hinder what this challenge is about, the point is, I am now able to have this mindset of not needing so much clothes.

So, I have thought of several ways to save money and not having to consume as much.

As you guys all know, especially with me being part of the Nike group, I am a huge fan of sneakers and shoes. I own several sneakers that go well over $300 each. That said, I think if you're in dyer need of an expensive shoe, go ahead and buy it. However, if you're going to invest so much money on a pair of shoes, after some wear on it, it'll most likely get beat and dirty or rip. My idea is instead of tossing the use to be expensive shoe you bought away, but take it to a shoe repair. I've seen some of the things these shoe repair shops can do, and let me tell you. They can make a shoe you thought you probably couldn't wear anymore, about 60% decent again. And that's better than nothing right? If you're going to invest alot, than treat it like the price you bought it for.

So there's been some study I found that, apparently if you washed your clothes and dry clean it, it deteriorates the clothing So my simple suggestion is instead of dry cleaning, try another method such as wet cleaning. It'll make your clothes alot longer, and you won't have to buy clothes and using the excuse of "because my old clothes are messed up". Another suggestion is if you really want to go shopping, at least go to stores that sell refashioned and reuseable clothes. Since we're all from California here, there's tons of stores that sell these kinds of things in San Francisco such as Still Life, Venus Superstar, etc.

So I know we all have alot of unused clothes we stop wearing. But why throw it away in the trash? Their still made from fabric right? Be creative! Take out those scissors and start cutting up these old clothes you may not be able to wear anymore, and make some accessories or even add-ons to your clothes you do wear. Who cares if celebrities or you've never seen people wore them before. But like Kawamura states "people believe that whatever they are wearing is fashion". So there you go. You be the trend setter, and stop being the trend follower. So you aren't creative enough? Then go to a tailor therapy shop, and take your old clothing there. They can fix almost anything, and their workers are so creative they will make something you think may be ugly, into something you probably pay $100 for.

So these are just a few tips for you guys wanting to try to continue this compact challenge, but at the same time want to stay "fashionable". You don't have to spend $1000 a month to be fashionable. It's all about creativity and utilizing the world around you.

Here are some websites to check out also! So on that note, everyone have a great summer, and remember that less is more. :)


Kawamura, Yuniya. Fashion-ology.

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