Thursday, June 4, 2009

What to wear during a thunderstorm???

First of all, did you guys see yesterday's thunderstorm?! Did you guys actually take the time go outside and look at it? Well I did, and it was an awesome experience. I was just chilling on facebook when the storm approached. It was not really in my interest because I have the "who cares" mentality for such occurrences. But my roommate told me to go outside to check it out because he seems to be blown away by it. So, as I approach the parking lot of my apartment, I was in shock to see the number of residents outside staring into the sky- admiring the beauty of nature. When I found a spot among the group of residents, everyone was very quiet and focused. So, I looked up into the sky. I, too, was in amazement. Not only was the sky beautiful to the eyes, it was also calming to the ears.

Now, I have another question. Weather. Does it affect the way people dress? Do people still dress for looks (in fashion) or for comfortabilty? This idea came to me when my friend keep asking me what she should wear during a thunderstorm. Yes, a thunderstorm. Um... I dont know. When she ask me that question, first thing that came to mind was she is definitly not asking if she should wear a raincoat or boots for a thunderstorm. She was asking what fashion she should wear. Since the weather in Davis is warm even during a thunderstorm, she was stuck in between the decision to wear a Winter fashion style clothing for the thunderstorm or Summer fashion style clothing cause of the heat.

In the book Fashionology, the author Kawamura, said that fashion is "the value added to clothing" (Kawamura 5) that is perceived in people's minds. Yes, indeed. Even though, I know fashion is important because it truly is a representation of oneself. But sometimes, how can people let fashion get to them even in the most extreme cases? Such as this case. Even a thunderstorm can bring out such a question, "what should I wear for a thunderstorm?" Fashion mentioned by Kawamura is indeed the "the value" it puts on clothing perceived by people. But it is funny how far people are affected by it. How much fashion means to them. How much they care about their phsyical appearance. Even enough, where just clothing is not enough.

People's opinions are very important. Therefore, I looked up a site where people express their own thoughts on this matter. The title of the question on the site is "How come people care so much about their appearance?" One said, "[b]ecause it's fun to get dressed up and look nice, it feels good to be noticed and admired, and it's a confidence boost." While another said "[m]oderation is the key. Dress nicely, cleanly, and classy, but don't let it be your primary occupation in life.". And a different member said "I don't care what I look like and I JUST DON'T CARE! " Hmm... while some loves fashion and phsyical appearance, some just care enough to look good and fit into the community, while others simply don't care.

So, I'm going to ask you a similar question. How much do you care about fashion and your physical appearance? And for my curiosity, what would you wear for a thunderstorm??

Here's a quick video of summer fashion. For winter fashion, you can look it up on your own.

-Ivan Lee (Blog #5)



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