Monday, June 8, 2009

I've gained a lot!

As I said on our last day of class, I think I did decently well on the compact challenge this quarter. I will admit that I did buy a thing or two and I didn’t really start the challenge until maybe the fifth week of class but once I started I was determined to stick to it. I even managed to only window shop when I went to the San Francisco Westfield Mall, which was beyond difficult; but at the same time a tad easy since a lot of the stores in the mall were way too expensive for my poor wallet.

But anyways, I did learn a lot from the challenge and from the class. I especially learned a lot from the research papers and the green movement. From all that I’ve learned this quarter I think I will always be aware of those two specific things. Furthermore, I’m going to try to continue to practice the compact challenge and be aware – and think twice – of what I buy. I’ve already started to help my older brother with buying eco-friendly materials for his new house. I’ve also convinced my mom to donate her old dining table to my brother and I’ve convinced my brother to take it so the - still very sturdy and nice – table doesn’t end up in the garbage.

Lastly, after learning about how there have been cultures, like the Hmong, who express their experiences and lives through passed down hobbies and talents with textiles, I’ve learned that I don’t always need to buy presents for my loved ones. I can simply make them instead; with either my own talents of cross stitching or by recycling my old clothes.

Keri Yee
Blog #6


McCall, Ava L. "Speaking through Cloth: Teaching Hmong History and Culture through Textile Art." The Social Studies (1999): 230-36.

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