Friday, December 5, 2014

Be Green Challenge, Blog #4: Tammy Hsu

Yay, last week of the challenge! Also almost done with the quarter! However, I have to admit that I have not changed much. For this challenge, I pretty much did what I normally do: go window shop and buy nothing. Nevertheless, I still feel relieved that the challenge is finally over. When I was doing the challenge, I felt a sense of obligation. When I shopped, I kept thinking about all the things we learned in class. Now that the challenge is over, I can just go window shop and tell myself that I do not need new things, rather than reminding myself that these items are made in sweatshops.

During my trip, this is what I saw when I went out at night
In this week’s lecture, we talked about how Japanese teens are the producers of Japanese street fashion. In Kawamura reading, the author talks about how Japanese girls spend a lot of money on clothes, makeup, and accessories. Japanese girls set up new trends, such as the kogal phenomenon, and influence other countries’ fashion. I decided to look up recent fashion trends in Japan right now, so I found this list that shows the top street fashion trend for summer 2014. In this list, most girls choose something that are western. None of these show their Japanese culture. It seems like these girls are embracing the western culture completely.

More picture from my trip
I also have had some personal experience with this particular trend. I went to Japan this summer, and I noticed that a lot of people dressed very differently (at least, compared to what I would see in the United States). They chose something that I usually would not wear, such as super short skirt and platform sandals. I felt like they did not care that they might stand out in the crowd; rather, they merely wanted to express their own fashion statement. I really admire these people because I never have the courage to try out something that is really different from my usual style.

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