Saturday, December 6, 2014

Venice Santos Blog #4

Be Green Challenge
It is the end of the Be Green Challenge and although I cracked last week, I am still proud to say that I did not buy anything this past week! This challenge was a great way to limit my spending and through the readings and films we've watching in class, I start to think about what and who goes into making the things I buy. Even though I was unable to go the full four weeks without buying anything new, this challenge definitely helped with self-control and saving me money. I am glad though that the challenge is finally over, so I don't have to be too limited on the things I can buy since the Christmas season has come!

Through class discussion in groups, I discovered that many people not only dress like their favorite characters (like depicted above) for conventions or once in a while, but for everyday use! It is very intriguing how different cultures are of Asians in America and Asia. U.S. born Asians have found this style of clothing through watching Animes or video games and thus usually dress like this during big conventions like Comic-Con and Asians in Asia are more used to this "costume-style" way of dressing. Many Japanese teens have become producers of street fashion through trending what the latest characters or styles are. For example, the school uniform look is popular through not only Animes, but it reflects the structure of Japanese schools. 
This Asian look taken from Anime characters still resemble features of Western influence. One prominent example are the size of character's eyes. Of course Asians are known for their small, almond eyes and with character's have big, circular eyes the message is sent that not only clothing should be copied, but facial features to truly incorporate into one's fashion. This goes to show that the "American look" is still a big part of how other countries change their styles to assimilate to the West. 

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