Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Justin Truong Be Green Challenge: Week 4

Black Friday and Cyber Monday has just passed! But other than that, it is finally December! It is the most wonderful time of the year where families and friends get together. However, people mainly look forward to Christmas because of the presents/gifts. There are many things on my wish list, although I don't need these gifts. Ever since I started the "Be Green Challenge" I have been on a roll by not purchasing any new clothing/accessories from the store and I don't plan on breaking that streak. I want to see how far I can last on this "Be Green Challenge." In my opinion it's pretty fun because one you are able to manage your money more efficiently, two fashion/style changes often. It is said in one of the documentary we watched in class that September is like a new year in the fashion world. With that said, there is no point to constantly spend money on new things just because it is the latest trend. My style of clothing has remained the same for years already. I like to keep my style very casual and basic such as colored t-shirts (White, Black, and Grey), a pair of nice jeans (selvedge or not), a fitted cap (baseball), and shoes (dessert boots, running shoes, etc). One particular video on youtube I stumbled upon years ago is about this video blogger who goes thrifting on Fridays. The things he finds are like hidden treasures if you are into old school sports apparel. Below is the video:

It comes to show you that there are great things at thrift shops as long as people don't mind that that they are used. But hey thats why people do laundry to get the dirt out. I am that type of guy that likes to dress casual and simple but there are days where you want to stand out more. By watching this video, I can tell that this guy has hit the jackpot because all of his apparel looks fairly new and well maintained for retro style clothing. As for the price I am pretty sure he found it at a good offer. Overall it comes to show you that hidden gems don't necessarily have to be found at name branded stores where they over price the product. It takes patience and sometimes luck to find these necessities such as Jordan, Nikes, etc when shopping at thrift stores. By re watching this video, I kind of want to do my christmas shopping at a thrift store this year just because I know I will save money but I'll just take the risk of the item being worn out or not. In all, think smarter when shopping for used items as opposed to new items. Happy Holidays.


- Justin Truong

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