Sunday, December 7, 2014

Be Green Challenge Week 4- Alicia Luu

Challenge Update: This week I went shopping at a local Davis consignment shop and bought two articles of clothing.

This week's reading was about Japanese youth influence on fashion. These young girls are very fashionable in their own right and later work in boutiques and clothing stores taking on the dual role of sales associate and stylist (Kawamura). However, their influence has expanded globally due to the rise of Japanese fashion websites and mobile apps. 

I am one of the avid followers of Japanese street fashion and frequently check blogs and fashion websites about the latest Japanese trends.One of my favorite Youtube channels is Harajuku Kawaii TV which features Japanese models who talk about different aspects of the "kawaii" Japanese lifestyle.

Harajuku Kawaii TV

reoccurring theme in their videos is the emphasis on personal style and desire to find the cutest/coolest items possible whether it is clothing or toiletries, but this also implies the need to be bold and confident in one's personal aesthetic. It doesn't matter to these girls whether the clothes they buy are new or home-made as long as they fulfill their personal aesthetic requirements. 
This is a mentality that I have adopted after being exposed to these young women and their lifestyle and hope to continue this type of consumption practice.

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