Sunday, December 7, 2014

Roger Saechao's Be Green Challenge Week 4 Blog 4

            This week’s be green challenge thus far has been the easiest and I am glad that this is the last week of the be green challenge. Due to the amount of work load from school, I was really occupied with studying which made me forgot about the be green challenge. Therefore I did not have the time to surf the web for Christmas shopping or going to the stores.

            In class we talked about Japanese street fashion and how Japanese teens are producers of street fashion. The definition of street wear we defined in class is a part of an urban adolescent youth street subculture that makes a particular statement. This definition relates to Asian Americans by using hip-hop as a way address concerning issues in the community. According to the reader Japanese Teens as Producers of Street Fashion Yuniya Kawamura stated, “Japanese fashion has inspired many fashion professionals in the West”. This statement is also equivalent to the Western society who watches anime which inspires them to dress like their favorite anime characters. Here is an example from anime con where these group of women are inspired by their favorite anime show and dressed up as their favorite anime characters.


Yuniya Kawamura. "Japanese Teens as Producers of Street Fashion" Reader

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