Sunday, December 7, 2014

Be Green Challenge Week 4: Jillian Mariano

I have always been a dark one.  I loved alternative rock and emo music and other things that made middle schoolers seem edgy.  I was a shy, bullied wimp with over-protective parents and I wanted to be emo but I didn’t want to be called emo.  I longed for angst and I think I’ve finally found that which I so craved, but they always said to be careful for what you wish for.  I identify with those Japanese teens on the street, being born into a world where capitalism promised you a legacy of one stable life after another, after another, where your dad would get a job in a company and then you would get a job in that same company and your kid would get a job in that company too.  Then you realize the economy is crashing and you can’t get that job because it’s getting exported to another country where they’ll make the people there work ten times as much, in a cramped little dungeon, for a fraction of the pay.  Then you go to college and realize you are drowning in a violent world where a little boy gets shot point blank for playing with a toy gun because he seemed “suspicious” and Mark Wahlberg wants to be pardoned for beating one Vietnamese man half to death and punching another in the eye so hard he made him go blind.  I haven’t bought anything.  I have trouble eating, sleeping, and living in this world. 
Those Japanese teens look like this. 

 And I look like this.

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