Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ah...Sweet 16

Many of you probably have watched or heard a reality TV show called "My Super Sweet 16" presented by MTV. It depicting the travails of spoiled brat teenagers planning over the top parties. This show makes me sick to the maximum regarding to the behaviors of these innocent yet over maturated kids who are turning sixteen. Oh god, I was bored. I hated myself for turning on the TV. And what do you know, there is my "favorite" show. It is so amazingly disgusting that I couldn't turn away.

I saw kids who are barely developed on national TV showing off their bodies, money, and worst of all their brat like behaviors and attitudes. I saw kids that barely know the life in high school. Yet, they are talking to their parents in such ugly tones. And I saw kids who have zero talent wishing to be just like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton because their rich daddies worked their butts off to raise their families. The demand of consumers often times are influenced by television. Commercials, TV shows, even news to certain extend have influenced humans' wants and needs.

In "Japanese Teens as Producers of Street Fashion", the author points out the fashion trends in Japan and its reality. In Japan, production relies heavily on the teenage consumers ideals of fashion. Teens, especially high school girls, essentially guide the course of fashion. It is funny how the most innocent group of people are the strongest targets in this world.

In "Adoption and Consumption of Fashion" author talks about in fashion, production is influenced by consumption. The fashion statement then becomes a new type of fashion that is marketable so as mentioned earlier production is influenced by consumption.

I maybe a hater in such reality shows, but I think I have the rights to be a hater. No matter it is real or fake, these shows creates a sense of negativity in young teenagers. They give kids who watch these shows on daily bases to have the eager to be able to have what they see on TV, and to be something they are not because it is "in". Clearly, consumers are influenced by the entertainment industry, and soon the consumers will be the cause of global warming. It is sad to see that many people still don't realize the affect they are causing. And it is a honor for me to say that I, unlike the others is doing something different for the better.

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