Monday, May 26, 2008

necessary evil? ... blog #2

This weekend while cleaning out my closet, I decided to actually look at the labels of the clothes I own. And of course most of the items in my closet were produced abroad in countries such as China and Vietnam. When you shop for clothes, you don't think what were the conditions that these clothes were made under, whether or not it was humanitarian ("Santa's Sweatshop"). You think about whether or not certain items fit well with your style or if it suits you, and in most cases about the price. If it is affordable and what not. There are two stores that come to mind when thinking about cheap prices for clothes and for food; Forever21 and Walmart.

Forever21 sales cheap clothes that imitate certain designers at a cheap and low price comparatively to the real deal. When shopping at Forever21 you don't think about the piracy and copyright issues ("Forever in Trouble?"), you are more focused on getting cute clothes at a decent price; although Forever21 has raised its prices since I remember first shopping there.

The same story can be said for Walmart. At super centers you can find comparatively named brand items at a noticeably cheaper price then stores such as Bel-Air and Safeway. And you also know, but choose to ignore, how Walmart treats its employees unfairly by paying low wages and offering meager benefits; yet people still shop at Walmart, I myself included. When you live in a declining economy, what other solutions are out there. It's only logical for people to find the best way to save their money, even if it means turning a blind eye to some issues.

Therefore it leads me to the conclusion that stores such as Forever21 and Walmart are like necessary evils. Knowing this, how can we change for the better if our options are limited?
I guess this "going green" project will help me see that there are a lot of things one can live without. And to not feel the need to purchase things just to purchase them; to change for the better.

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