Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I neeeeeed new flip flops

ok maybe this is a cry for help or something because I really need new flip flops. I usually get my flip flops from old navy because i'm broke and they come in a variety of colors and fit well and comfortably. I obviously cannot buy them considering the agenda at hand but i really need flip flops. I guess what this blog is more about is the consideration of ebaying it. I have never bought anything from ebay not because i don't want to but because i don't know how to work it. SOOOOO since my friend has an account i'm going to ask him to order it for me. I realize although its hard on me not to get them right away although i desperately need them i'll save money and a trip to the mall. So like a good humanitarian that i'm trying to be, i went home and looked up where they were made just to be a little more conscious. They are made in China, not good. This project is realllllly harder than I thought because i've had these flip flops for a year and a half now. For those of you that just wear tennis shoes...that's a LONG life for flip flops that you wear often. So i pull out an old pair of vans although they match with nothing that i'm wearing and i walk outside, get ridiculed by my friend who's a fashion guru and suck it up. So i go back in and change my whole outfit and I look like a punk rock kid. I look at my clothes that i put great effort into matching my shoes with and decide to go out with that. So when i got home and decided to write this blog i realized that what i'm currently wearing relates to the article "A Crowded Street as Streetwear is Disseminated into the Mainstream, What will Become of an Underground Movement". I don't actually know what i'm wearing. I think i'm pretty sure i know how to put together an outfit that looks good that's so called "underground" looking but until that article i didn't know that those clothes even meant anything or that some people get offended that the people wearing those clothes don't know the "story" behind it. Does that make me a poser? i just like them because they
look good but what do i know. It also reminded me of the article "Japanese schoolgirl Inferno" where their looks actually mean certain things or who or what they actually represent. I don't know if i should care or if i'm being ignorant and just wearing something because i like it, like when Caucasians sport bindis not knowing what i really represents or how much the people of that culture resent them wearing it. Anyone wanna answer this one?

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