Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pheeeew, that was close!

Thank you class! Thanks to this be green project, I saved myself $400. I was this || close to buying an over priced shirt I didn't need. I'm an impulse buyer, and it's been killing me financially. This shirt that I was so close to buying is a Visvim shirt, a popular Japanese brand, considered to be the high fashion of street clothing.

I think it's interesting how Japanese Fashion has become so popular in the United States now. The trend of "Westernization of Japanese Fashions" is reversed to the Japanization of the West. (i know i know, Japanization is not a word).
Dorinne Kondo's article, "The Aesthetic and Politics of Japanese Identity in the Fashion Industry", talks about the process in which Japan's clothing was westernized. The article mentions several mediums in which this was achieved, such as mandating military officials and schools kids to wear western style uniforms. Well, today we see a Japanese fashion trends increase in the U.S. Most of this can be attributed to celebrities icons such as Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco sporting the latest Japanese clothing on their videos and in their concerts.

Even Lupe acknowledges this Japanese trend in one of his verse, "i am American mentally with Japanese tendencies".

I know these over priced Japanese clothes is all hype, but man, you can't help but think they're cool.


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