Thursday, May 22, 2008

I was pretty skeptical on the first day about how I was going to go about doing this project. I had to admit I was excited and scared at the same time. Shopping is an essential for me it is a way for me to relax, waste time, etc..I did not know how much embarking on this journey would affect me until yesterday when I was forced by my friends to go shopping. When I entered the mall I was faced with all these products that I totally could have bought but ended up just staring at and drooling after for a bit. The trip to the mall was completely torturous for me and my friends didn't help either with tons of questions about why I couldn't buy anything or they would give me really cute shirts and take them away from me. However, I did notice that many clothing items are made in China, not that I'm saying I did not notice this before but, it seemed that there were more items from China. An interesting thing I found out while shopping was that I was paying more attentions to the labels and where certain items were made instead of the item itself. I also tracked the process of production in my head and I would ponder about the labor conditions that items were made under. I also was more socially aware when I walked into Forever 21 especially after learning about all the lawsuits they are facing along with the labor laws their factories are violating. I am proud to say that despite the mall being a torturous experience, it was definitely a learning one as well.

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kieulinh said...

remember this assignment requires you to relate to the readings specifically.