Monday, May 26, 2008


This weekend was in many ways perfect. No school to worry about on Monday, the weather wasn't too hot, and most importantly I kept up with my goal to be green. It's been almost a week and now I feel great, especially because I am still going strong. So, I rewarded my dear boyfriend =] to dinner. It wasn't just any dinner, we had sushi/Chinese buffet! Too much food plus too much soda equals major weight gains! Alright, back to being green. While i was eating my mountain like stack of food on all three of my plates, I couldn't help myself from observing the people around me like I always do. I observed the way they dress and act, among other things.

I noticed that most people in the restaurant are very superficial about their looks or can be and I did this through pure subjective observation, the evidence being there made it all the more convincing. Even at a buffet restaurant people were wearing heels and carrying brand purses still keen on being stylish despite a first come first serve buffet experience. From my own experiences, I know that most of them have a lot of clothes that they don't ever wear, being a victim of this fashion cluster as well. As these thoughts were going through my mind there was a Caucasian man walking in wearing a shirt with a dragon and tiger on it. For a second I just thought it was very unfitting and ugly on him, and then I thought about the article I read in "Re-Orienting Fashion". "Designing Diasporic market: Asian Fashion Entrepreneurs in London", Parminder Bhachu talks about her observation on Indian cultural influences on the mainstream fashion market in London. The suit which was worn by Indian women now has sold and even remade to many people around the world. And this guy walking right in front of me was probably just as influenced by many people who wore or seen wearing shirts influenced by Asian culture. It made me sad that there is no originality anymore to a lot of things.

Also, in "Santa's sweatshop" the piece talks about globalization with companies like Levi's, Guess, and Disney. Consumers has the power to make decisions regarding their purchase. But who would really thought about the meanings and the work that put behind each item that you purchase. People now days just blindly purchase what they see on TV, or what they think is "in". But fashion trends changes as fast as everyday. What about the idea of keeping green, and where did originality go?

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