Friday, May 23, 2008

And So The Battle # 1

Initially, when the Professor mentioned the Anti Consumerism Movement, I thought to myself "wow, that must take a lot of determination, sucks to be them!" I truly thought that I would NOT be able to do something of the sort. I was an only child uptil 9 years of age, so I got what I wanted. Then when I turned 15, I wanted to feel responsible and buy everything for myself, so I got a job. Unfortunately, instead of saving the money and spending it wisely, I became a shop-a-holic. My styles are always changing; whatever is the trend, I follow if I feel I can pull it off. Of course, this means that I am always buying things which becomes popular through the diffusion theory, the decision of many people to adopt a certain style (Jones, Leshkowich & Niessen 2003). I've gone from urban, to emo, to preppy to all (wow!).

So you can only imagine how i felt when some smart ass yelled out "Let's do this as an experiment in lieu of the final!" I was thinking that I would most likely do better on the final than this experiment. However, after taking into consideration the many political, economic and social factors that "fashion" is comprised of, I decided that maybe I CAN give it a shot. After all, 28 days isn't that bad, is it? I'm NOT Paris Hilton, so this might actually be easy. And it's true, I do not know where any of the things I own, came from. Could I be contributing to the exploitation of workers in sweatshops? (Holstein, Palmer, Ur-Rehman, Ito). These thoughts, paired with my own selfish need to get out of an actual in-class final, I am actually trying to adhere to the rules of our experiment. It is now day 4 and I have NOT bought anything unnecessary. The fact that I don't get paid until next friday might also be a reason why I haven't. It'll be a REAL test once I get paid. I hope I can stay strong.

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