Thursday, May 22, 2008


What simpler way to preserve the world and all its wonders than by not contributing to its destruction. The idea of preservation through conservation is not so much a challenge requiring the contributions of every individual, but rather a solution. Despite what those “haters” may think, I have decided to approach this Compact experiment semi-seriously. I’ve already begun to cut back on my consumption of the finer things in life; so if all goes accordingly, I won’t go crazy and drop out of college after 28 days.

While at work during the morning hours of Saturday, April 19, 2008 I had made what is to be my final purchase of any Air Jordan and Nike affiliated footwear from an online retailer…for the foreseeable future. Like a majority of shoe collectors, I am a poor college student who will be in debt until my late 70s despite a coveted credential from an institution of academic prestige. The lack of monetary funds, overdraft charges and melting credit cards made my decision to stop fairly easy.

It would be great if I could honestly credit the horrid working conditions in which my shoes were made for this early retirement…But that would be a lie (Skoggard). The truth is this young man is financially deprived and “cash rules everything around me” sometimes. Many of the shoes in my collection will be going on sale in the coming days, weeks, and months. Maybe somewhere along the lines, as my shoes gradually disappear, I can convince myself that I am doing it for reasons other than money.

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