Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Biking- The New Fashion Trend

So far so good. The only thing I’ve been buying is food. There’s been many temptations to purchase some new clothes, but thanks to this project I have an excuses to walk away. Although I’ve been doing well in refraining from buying new stuff I don’t need, I have been spending a lot of money at the gas pumps. $4.65 a gallon. Are you serious?!? In an effort to save some money on gas I got myself a bike! Don’t worry, I got it before our pledge started. I try to bike everywhere I go. It’s kinds of hard to do this because I’m so out of shape! Every time I get hungry I would bike to go eat, becoming hungry again because of the bike ride. So far biking around instead of using my car is slowly saving me money. It’s also contributing to our efforts in being more environmentally friendly. Wouldn’t it be cool if biking was fashionable?
According to the book, “Fashion-ology”, biking can indeed be fashionable. Fashion is defined in the book as a symbolic production, culturally diffused. Fashion is not necessarily clothing. It can be other trends, like biking. It can and should be fashionable to bike instead of using the car.  We just need the biking trend to be "culturally diffused" and made popular.

Well, lately many people are making it fashionable to be riding around in their customized fixed gear bikes. In a given day, you may spot one of these single speed bikes around Davis. These bikes are usually customized to fit the riders personality (just like my jeans). These customizations can including anything from colorful tires and frames to specials decals on the bike.

Here’s my bike: As you can see, it’s customized to fit my size. I’m a short dude in comparison to society’s standards, so this bike had to be made to fit me.

You can check out other people's bikes on this forum:

If everyone started to bike, gas would be so much cheaper. All we need is a famous celebrity to make it fashionable. Kanye, where you at?!?

-Ari Simphoukham

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