Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blog 2: Sweatin it in the Sweatshop

In the article Santa’s Sweatshop: It’s Hard To Know Who Made Your Gift—and Under What Conditions by William Holstein et. al discusses the making of products in high volume factories in rural areas in Third World Countries. The many issues surrounding the conditions of these factories is that they recruit many are, “young female workers migrating thousands of miles from their home are alleged to earn less tab the minimum wage of $1.99 a day”. (Holstein et. al, 1). This scratches the surface of what many workers have to endure, they not only get paid less, but they have to work extremely long hours, and some in rundown dorms on site.

When I firs learned about this, I thought of the things in my house that have the MIC label—Made In China. And that was about 90 percent of my things in my apartment. Shocking right? Not only was it clothes; it was cooking ware, my toaster, etc. In another article, “China’s Toy Sweatshop Pays 36 Cents An Hour” on talks about US investing so much in offshore production in sweatshops, “China is the second largest source of imports for the U.S. while the U.S. is China’s largest overseas market and second largest source of foreign direct investment” therefore it makes products very cheap.


Go Green Challenge
It has been a week, and I must say that it is very tough. I’m a frequent online shopper, so blitz sales and coupons emailed to me makes me want to just press BUY NOW.

- Krizia 

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