Sunday, November 18, 2012

Consumerism Part 3

Hue Thao
ASA 141

Today was any other typical day in terms of consumerism. I haven't bought anything besides food. But I feel like I am wasting too much money on it. The past few days has been food, food, food. Maybe if I can somehow keep my hypothalamus from functioning so much...haha that's not possible. Regardless, of the matter, it is almost time for Christmas!!!! Its sad to say that I won't be able to participate in buying anything from Black Friday - even though Valverde tries to guilt trip us about our ways of consumerism. For me personally, I began my Black Friday career (or so I say) when I was a senior at High School. It has always been a tradition for my friends and I to stand outside of Best Buy. The very first time was somewhat terrifying for I had to lie and say I was sleeping at my friends house - otherwise my mom would have probably killed me for staying up all night at the streets. That morning I brought back a mini laptop, which made me extremely happy. Of course, in the end, I got yelled at by my mom because I had to tell her the truth of how I got my laptop. She was mad, but at the same time, impressed. :)

Going back to Black Friday, I realize that I won't mind too much if I don't buy anything. That doesn't mean I can't go waiting outside Best Buy again for the 4th time in a row. For some reason, we always get the same spot over and over again - we called it, "the place where it all started." I thought I should note that I went to Arden Mall today and saw such a huge crowd of people Christmas shopping. It's sad to say that I too will have to shop after this event ends. Of course, the shopping is not for my own personal gain. I am going to spend my money on my brothers and sister once again. More or less because I want them to be warm and cozy for the winter. Yes, Christmas can be very tragic in terms of sweatshops and labor intensity. However, it doesn't mean its a bad thing to have some sort of consumerism to provide for your loved ones. Even if the items came from extreme backgrounds, at the least I can actually afford to give somethings to my family for Christmas.

Don't you just love the adrenaline from waiting outside of Best Buy. :) Something crazy always happens, like people yelling at each other for cutting in line or meeting random strangers for the first time to play some card games. :) Good or bad, its always FUN! What's the point of life if you don't take risks?

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