Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ao Dai: A Timeless and Powerful Dress

Steve (Shing) Li Blog #3

The Ao Dai is a beautiful and elegant traditional dress from Vietnam. It originated from the imitation of the Chinese long dress and ever since it has changed a lot since the beginning of the Ao Dai. Owning an Ao Dai is like a passage of age for young Vietnamese women because of its elegance and beauty that highlights the women's body by having a custom made fit. As a result, many western fashion designers have taken notice of the Ao Dai and imitated it in their own fashion shows and clothing design. Every Vietnamese women owns an Ao Dai not only because of its beauty but also because is a timeless piece that can be wore at any time and also pass down to younger generations.

Be Green Challenge: This week I have been very good avoiding retail stores because I have been very busy with school work. The only things that I have spend money on is on groceries which are costing me around $50 a week which is very expensive! I need to start to learn budgetting. I cant imagine how much money I would be spending if I was not in this challenge and spending my money on things that I dont need on tops of food.

Inside Source: Kieu Linh Caroline Valverde. "Ao Dai Revival." Ao Dai: A Modern Design Coming of Age Exhibit Catalogue.

Outside Source: Elmore, Mick. "Ao Dai Enjoys A Renaissance Among Women : In Vietnam, A Return to Femininity." New York Times, 17 Nov. 1997. Web. 20 Nov. 2012. .

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