Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blog #4

Hue Thao
Entry #4: ASA141

It is the weekend of Thanksgiving! This is the holiday where we take a small gap of our time to come together and remind ourselves, what we are thankful for. I want to take this time to simply talk about the things I am thankful for. To put it simply, i'm thankful for LIFE. The "L" represents the lifetime that I was born and raise, from the time I learned to crawl to the time I can learn to live. "I" represents my individuality, where I have made an impact of the life that was given to me, and I will continue to fight for a better future. "F" is for my Family and Friends. No matter what happens in life or no matter how difficult life becomes, NO one person can stand alone by him or her self. Therefore, I am thankful to have my family and to have the friends that have struggled through life with me. Last, but not least, "E" represents everything that this world has to offer. Each day I here people complain about such little things in life and see that everything they have is taken for granted. People complain about how they have to go to class and run a mile for their physical education class. People complain about how they can't do this or that...saying things like "F*CK MY LIFE." They think they have it all bad and that the world is against them. Well, it's about time I give my rants. STOP complaining about such minor details like running a mile. GUESS WHAT? There are people in this world that would KILL to be able to even get up and run because they are suffering from some sort of disease. STOP saying F*CK MY LIFE! It's redundant and pisses people off when they know your life is not even that bad. In fact, people are so fortunate with what they have, but don't see it. People, even me, need to open their eyes and realize that LIFE, is not bad. It can be a lot worse...There is so much more that can be stated, but just in case of safety reasons, I will stop here. With that, I just wanted to say, STOP taking LIFE for granted. Even the small little things in life, just STOP. If your teacher wants you to go run a mile then so be it. If you are physically capable of doing it then DO IT! Instead of saying, "f*ck, I have to run a mile," say "yes, I can run a mile, and I will even run a few more laps for those who are not physically capable of running." One of my most inspirational speaker is Dr. Leo Buscaglia and he can further add to my idea. (I will put one of his speech on this page in hopes people will read it). Those small little problems, don't complain and be positive! Live LIFE to its fullest!

To get back on track, this week I have spent quite a lot of money. Food is always draining my money. xD Other than that, I went to Best Buy for Black Friday. Sadly my front tire popped and then I felt that it was a sign telling me to go home. Therefore, I luckily asked one of the person who was thinking about going to stand in line outside Best Buy. He was just a stranger, but luckily for me, he works for a tire shop! You got to admit, of all the odds, this was pretty cool. He quickly helped me install my spare tire, and then I went on home safe and sound. I am thankful for his help. On that note, sorry Valverde, but I had no choice but to spend some money for another tire. :( I failed the be green challenge, but a tire is needed for me to get back to Davis. That was my confession of buying something. Other than that, we went to the Hmong New Year at Sacramento Cal Expo. It was a good turn out and we participated in the parade which was fun. Yes, it cost a few bucks to get in...actually I had two free tickets so I didn't spend any money. I did however, spend some cash on the food. I just can't help buying the food, plus it was helping out a friend of mines since it was her family's booth. All in all, I think I did a pretty decent job at not buying anything or being a consumer until my tires popped. I will continue the challenge, but just know that I did loose. That's all. Thanks!

Here is the link to one of Dr. Leo Buscaglia's speech. It's on youtube so you can continue watching the other parts if you are interested, but here is the part 1 of 4.

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