Sunday, November 18, 2012

The dilemma of Christmas and Happiness

Racheal Rhee
Blog #3

Inside Resource: Holstein, Palmer, Ur-Rehman and Ito. "Santa's Sweatshop: In a Global Economy, it's Hard to Know Who Made Your Gift- and Under What Conditions." ASA 4 Reader

Outside Resourse: 
[Factories Hard at Work for Christmas]

Jingle bells are ringing, Christmas lights are beautifully decorated with warm lit fireplace. Next to it is a desk that has an plate of leftover cookies that Santa could not finish. Parents are wrapped warm around their sofa blankets drinking morning latte while watching children filled with excitement to open their Christmas gifts. Christmas is a Holiday is known to be a day where people find joy and happiness hanging out with their beloved family, friends and lovers. Preparing Christmas can be stressful and hectic. Buying gifts, preparing for parties, etc. Almost everyone's best memories of Christmas is probably when they opened the gift early in Christmas morning. While happiness gets spread through gift exchanges, is Christmas really a joyful day for everyone? Minority workers who work in factories get underpaid while working full time to produce the exceeded amount of produce orders for Christmas. While the minority workers work with unfair wages and hours, they raise money in order to support their families, and to hope for a better tomorrow for survival in America. The dilemma of happiness for Christmas is that not everyone gets to enjoy the sweet warm Hot Cocoa in the couch while spending quality time with families. Some have to wake up early in the morning, or even work night shift to get to work in order to raise money so that their children can have food to eat for the next day. It may be physically tiring, but that may be the only way that the parents of minority household to wish for their happiness.

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