Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hue Thao 2nd

Hue Thao
2nd Blog Post

This is the second week of the Be Green Challenge. In terms of buying things, I have not bought anything besides food. That being said, it was the weekend of Hmong New Year at Stockton. Since it was New Years, I had no choice but to spend some money on the good quality Hmong food! They were delicious, but expensive. I don't believe I spent any money on anything else this week besides food. Thus, I am doing well on the challenge. Sometimes I don't even realize that I am on this Green Challenge xD. Regardless, I head on to the second week of this experiment to fight against consumerism. I honestly think this is not that big of a challenge, but afterwards it might be difficult because it would be Christmas soon. I do want to purchase some new clothing for all my siblings for the winter time. However, as of right now, I won't be buying anytime soon. To be honest, I am not sure what else to put on the blog. I think I will take this opportunity to talk about how the New Years went. :)

During the Hmong New Years,  we have a bunch of fun entertainment such as dancing, singing, karate performances and much more. We also have an event called "pov pob" where we toss a tennis ball back and forth with the opposite gender. This is the courting of the new year that the Vietnamese try to portray in their attempts to become a ideal nation with a diverse cultural setting. The mating process is to toss the ball back and forth, but the person who drops the ball is suppose to give a coin or something of value to the other partner. However, for Hmong New Years, we just tell something about ourselves if we drop the ball. Every year just gets more and more sad. The tradition is fading away as the new generation forgets the aspect of why we have the Hmong New Year. Nowadays, you hardly see any people doing the ball toss. Only some of the youngsters and the old g's toss balls. The tradition is dying, but I hope one day, we can bring back all the cultural aspects and FUN of the New Years. That is all I want to say for this blog post. Thanks.

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