Sunday, November 23, 2014

Be Green Challenge : Mahanaz Ebadi Abercrombie & What!

Mahanaz Ebadi
Blog #3

Jenny Strasburg. “Abercrombie & Glitch: Asian Americans Rip Retailer for Stereotypes on T-shirts.” Reader.

As a teen I was introduced to the world of Abercrombie and Fitch.  This brand carried with it a sort of power.  Power that could transform an average girl such as myself into a popular and desirable character.  This is what this industry fed on.  Taking advantage of girls who would go to any lengths and pay whatever cost to look the part and be a generic Abercrombie shopper.  Their overpriced black white Tee’s and tight worn out skinny jeans was the look that rocked consumerism to its core.  It took me years to fully grasp the concept that this corporation made money off of working middle class citizens by overpricing everything in their stores.  Regardless of their overly priced clothing they crossed racial boarders by attaching racial slurs to their merchandise and assumed the public would find it comical.  Beside the prominent lettering are two smiling figures in conical hats harking back to 1900s popular-culture depictions of Chinese men.” “We personally thought Asians would love this T-shirt," said Hampton Carney”.  This excerpt from Strasburges clearly states how misguided they were in their though process.  The merchandise “was supposed to appeal to Asian Americans with a sense of humor” but how far does a business go before it enters the realm of racism.  This is not the first event where Abercrombie’s name was tied to racism.  In September 23, an individual working at Abercrombie & Fitch sued the cooperation for firing her due to the fact that she chose to wear the hijab.  The courts saw the injustice and the plaintiff won the case.  Continuing back to Strasburg’s article, even store managers were surprised of the new shipment.  “We tried to get them pulled, but we weren't successful," Lee said. "Managers don't have authority.”  This led to me completely boycott stores such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister.  By being green I’m refraining from purchasing anything for stores such as these, as well as educating my fellow class men and women on the realities of brand name logos such as these. 

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