Sunday, November 30, 2014

Roger Saechao's Be Green Challenge Blog 3 Week 3

            This week’s be green challenge is by far the toughest. I have been browsing through the internet because the holidays are coming up and there are mega sales going on right now. Another reason why I been online browsing is because within the past week, my two favorite sports team the Oakland Raiders and the Golden State Warriors made me a very proud fan. With their victories and all of the excitement, I could not help myself but to look at their merchandises. It’s really hard to resist and I have this strong urgency of purchasing new clothes. While browsing their merchandises I was really surprise that they were carrying size small. In the past I always shop online and most of the time, size small is barely in stock. I was really tempted to buy their clothes, but I had to redeem myself from doing that because I do not want participate in being a consumer and I did not want to be a cycle of the production of sweatshops. Also while I was browsing through the Golden State Warriors website, I noticed that they made a special edition beanie with the Filipino sun surrounding the Golden State Warriors logo. The special edition beanie was made for Filipino heritage night which the Golden State Warriors do every year. This beanie was made to make Filipinos feel proud and something that they can enjoy and appreciate.  However this beanie reminded me of the Abercrombie & Glitch article where they produced derogatory Asian shirts which was supposedly to be funny. In this case the shirts are not funny because it produces the stereo types of Asian Americans. If Abercrombie wanted to produce Asian clothing, they should produce a product like the Filipino Golden State Warriors beanie where Asian Americans can feel proud of.

Strasburg, Jenny. “Abercombie & Glitch / Asian Americans Rip Retailer for Sterotypes on T-Shirts”

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