Friday, November 21, 2014

Be Green Challenge Week 2: Justin Truong

Another week has gone by! But time seems much slower when you're not constantly looking at materialistic things such as clothes, jewelry, and accessories. However despite all that I feel like it is benefiting me as a broke college student because I can't afford to buy things other than food. Plus I do not have enough room to store my clothes. In a way I am glad this "be green challenge" is a task we "undergraduates" have to overcome. It teaches us how to discipline ourselves by buying things that we "need" and "want." During week 2 of the "be green challenge" I haven't really looked at too much websites on materialistic things. But every now I then i would window shop online just to see the latest trends. But besides that, I was too busy studying for my midterm for this class: ASA 141 where one of my peers in my class talked about how sweatshop workers are putting in overtime in their job for a small pay. For example, my peer mentioned about this documentary called "Made In LA" where sweatshop workers are sewing up products that cost 11 cents to manufacture and the company would sell the product for $15.00 and up. This is true meaning of supply and demand, this company is called Forever 21 and it is franchise store throughout the nation. There is also a Forever 21 location right off of La' Rue and Russell in our own backyard.

Below is the trailer of the documentary "Made In LA"

Just by watching this trailer makes me upset. I see nothing but hard immigrant workers trying to get by in life by providing shelter, food, and clothing for themselves. For all we know the money that they are earning is probably being saved up because they do not have the time to enjoy it. Through a language barrier, I bet it is harder for them to protest against the authority but that does not stop them from picketing in front of the store. Although Forever 21 does provide affordable clothing for young adults it does not give them the right to treat workers unfairly. In my defense, I am going to stand up for my rights and not support this company because this will mean that workers will have a longer shift. Meaning longer hours for sweatshop workers to sew a mass quantity of clothing and meeting a deadline. Overall, the "be green challenge" has made me a better person because I'm not creating bad habits for myself by buying any clothing or accessories that I want versus something I need. Who knows this " be green challenge" for me can probably go for over a month. But I will see where each week takes me.


Made in L.A. Dir. Almudena Carracedo. Independent Television Service, 2007. DVD.

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