Sunday, November 16, 2014

Roger Saechao's Be Green Challenge Week 1 Blog 1

            As this week went by, I had this strong urgency of going to the malls and outlet stores to browse around. I wanted to challenge myself by seeing if I was going to purchase anything. However I managed to stop myself from doing that because after watching the documentary “Made in L.A” it made me think twice about shopping. What I learned from watching “Made in L.A” was that garment workers did not receive any good benefits and that they get treated like animals. This documentary raised my consciousness of garment workers being paid less than three dollars and suffering from being treated unfairly. As a consumer, I need to redeem myself from purchasing unnecessary valuables that does not benefit me. I also need to learn where and how products are made before buying them. As mentioned in “Santa’s Workshop” the authors, Holstein, Palmer, Rehman, and Ito, gave a list of recommendations for consumers to do before purchasing anything. Thus an example would be asking store managers where the products are made from because this determines whether the retailer is informed of where the products are made or even if they care where it’s made from. This is a mental challenge that I am willing to accept because it decreases the production of underpaid workers producing clothes.

            Here is a video I found from youtube which relates to the garment industry workers we had discussed in class. This short documentary is about Cambodian garment workers who are protesting to get a higher pay and better work conditions. This film connects with “Made in L.A” because they are struggling with the same socio economic issues of being under paid and treated unfairly.

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