Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mahanaz Ebadi Blog 4

Mahanaz Ebadi
Blog 4
November 30, 2014
“All in the Family? Kin, Gifts, and the Network of Fashion.” The Beautiful Generation.
“”Material Mao”: Fashioning Histories Out of Icons.” The Beautiful Generation.

I always considered myself an expert in fashion.  Purchasing the newest trends, and combining them with vintage looks for the past.  Yet little did I know there was a whole universe of fashion; with millions of outlets.  In the beginning of this challenge, I had my doubts.   Being a shopaholic, I doubted my capability on whether or not I’d be able to be green.  Yet after watching various documentaries on companies I help thrive on a daily basis paying their workers 3 cents on the hour made my stomach turn.  Thus this newfound realization and information aided me in my green challenge, to protest and boycott such organization.  I found a sense of control and strength in being green.  I truly felt as though it cured me of my illness when it comes the newest clothes on the market.   While I was on my path to recover, the various readings materials required of the class continued to fuel my interest and educate me on the world of fashion and how the Asian Culture is such a dominate figure and influence.  In reading the book The Beautiful Generation (Asian Americans and the cultural economy of fashion) by Thuy Linh Nguyen Tu informed its reader about the amount of influence Asian American culture has on the fashion world.  I was unaware that our first lady wore a dress to the inauguration ball by a new designer who was also an Asian American.  Asian American Culture is truly taking the fashion world by storm, influencing each corner of the fashion market.  Nevertheless this challenge was one that changed my outlook on fashion completely.  Who knew your favorite outfit could come out of a thrift store, or your best friends closet.  Being green truly saves your greens.   I will continue to be green every year for at least two months out of the 12 because its truly an amazing and empowering experience. 

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